Woodblock Print Portrait of a Gentleman Circa 1840s

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This fascinating original woodblock print depicts a gentleman of the 1840's, done in stark black lines against toned paper. He's wearing a white shirt with a high collar, a narrow cravat centered in the bow tie style and his wavy hair is down over his ears, all popular fashion notes of the dapper gents in the first years of Victoria's reign.

We found this portrait in Florida thirty+ years ago and took it then to a frame shop to have archival backing, glass and a hanging wire added. The framer called us, excited that the print was fastened in the frame with square nails (which we regrettably did not get a photo of). The simple 7/8 inch wide frame is handmade of a light wood painted black, worn and chipped over the many years, but otherwise in good shape.

The print itself appears to have possibly been in a fire; notice the smoke marks around the edges of the artwork. There is a narrow strip missing on the bottom right, which the framer backed with beige paper. The framed measurements are approximately 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches and the piece weighs a mere 7 ounces. It's a wonderful size to use in a grouping, as we've done, or to stand alone on an easel.

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