Rev. Jonathan Fisher Framed Rooster Woodcut Print

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Item number: PYH 5345 

Reverend Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847) of Blue Hill, Maine created 172 woodcuts for his 1834 book "Scripture Animals." In 1967, Art Fair, Inc. of New York City reproduced 6 of them, authorized by the Jonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc. Each of the 1967 prints has a First Edition seal on it*; it's a blind stamp (no color, just embossed on the paper). Located on this print on the lower right, it's pictured in one of our photos.

We've included a photo of the Certificate of Authenticity we found online, which shows that the 1967 prints were numbered on the COA, not on the print itself. We've shown the cover of the booklet that accompanied them, also found online. (We don't have these--we've shown them for information only). The rooster woodcut is featured on the cover of the 1963 reprint of Fisher's book (also pictured).

This wonderful folk art print is framed in a dark stained, narrow oak moulding under glass. The framed size is 12 inches high by 15 inches wide. It weighs 1 3/4 pounds and has an old hanging wire on the back, as well as the old dustpaper, torn but mostly intact. The frame and glass (which is wavy) are older than the print and in very good condition, as is the print.

This is such a handsome print and wonderfully decorative in so many settings.

* Any of these prints without the First Edition seal are later copies. The paper color used for this print is the original one. Any other paper color denotes a later reproduction.

PYH 5345