English White Antique Ironstone Pitcher by W. and E. Corn

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Item number: PYH 5423

This 12 inch tall ironstone pitcher was made by the Burslem, Staffordshire pottery of William and Edward Corn. The printed black mark on the bottom was used during the years 1864 to 1891.

The lobed form of the body is one not often found; it's decorated with raised wheat stems and has a flared foot. The C-shaped handle has
a raised leaf at the top. The scalloped spout is wide and upraised.

The pitcher measures 8 inches from spout to handle and 8 inches across the belly with a 23 inch circumference. The round base is 5 inches in diameter and the weight is 4 pounds.

This pitcher is pristine, with only a bit of shelf dirt on the bottom and no cracks, chips, or other damage. It's as beautiful as the day it was made, well over a century ago.

PYH 5423