Canada Goose Decoy Large Solid Wood Carving by R.D. LEWIS

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R.D. Lewis, born on a farm in the Ozarks, sold his first carving---of a cigar store Indian---in 1960 while living in California. In 1978, when he was 50 years old, he and his wife moved to Oregon, where he began making decorative carvings like this large and lifelike Canada goose. It's signed on the bottom in script RD Lewis with the same year of 1978, so it was possibly carved in Oregon.

Not only is this wildfowl carving 23 inches long, 9 1/2 inches across the breast and 11 inches high to the top of its head, it weighs a whopping 9 pounds 5 ounces. Lewis carved the body from a solid block of pine, complete with knot holes, worm holes and tunnels, and stained it rather than painted it so that the woodgrain shows. The head and neck were carved separately, then both painted and stained, with glass eyes and the nail carved on the tip of the beak.

This large and wonderful goose was done by a master carver whose work has been sold in well-known galleries and is in a number of respected private collections. It is a work of art that will be an heirloom to appreciate and admire for many, many years to come.

July 22, 1988 Article from the Eugene Oregon Register-Guard Newspaper


PYH 5464