Annikki Hovisaari Ceramic Wall Tile Arabia Finland

Annikki Hovisaari
Item number: PYH 5502

This Scandinavian Modern wall tile was created by artist Annikki Hovisaari (1918–2004), one of Finland’s leading ceramic artists in the 20th century. She worked for the Arabia factory in Finland during the 1940s–1970s, specializing in high quality stoneware artwork. Founded in 1873 by the Swedish firm Rörstrand, the Arabia ceramic factory was built in an area near Helsinki called Arabia, which accounts for their exotic name.

The clay wall tile depicts a rooster in front of a farm silo in classic mid-century design. Set against a deep blue enameled background, each component of the artwork is enameled in aqua, russet brown, golden yellow or mint green, with touches of white. The tile is artist signed on the front at lower left "A Hovisaari Arabia." On the upper right corner of the white back there is a factory stamp in black "ARABIA MADE IN FINLAND."

This is a large, heavy tile, measuring 15 inches tall and 11 5/8 inches wide, 5/8 of an inch thick, and weighing seven pounds, seven ounces. It is in excellent condition, with no damage (on the rare occasions these tiles are found, they can have chipped corners). The two upper corners have pre-drilled factory-made holes for wall mounting.

Annikki Hovisaari's ceramic art is represented in numerous museums in the Nordic countries. This tile is a wonderful example of her artistry.

PYH 5502