Carved Wooden Mask Alaskan Alutiiq Eskimo Man

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Item number: PYH 5146

This large mask, hand carved of white spruce, depicts a Nukallpiaq ("man" in the Alutiiq language), a member of the Alutiiq people of coastal Alaska. The Alutiiq are Eskimos/Aleuts who live in an area stretching from the Alaska Peninsula to Prince William Sound.

This is not a prehistoric or even an antique mask but was made by a 20th century native carver for sale in a gallery or to tourists. It measures 15 1/2 inches from top to bottom, 7 1/2 inches across at its widest point and is 3 1/4 inches deep at the top of the nose. It has a small bit of wear but is in otherwise great condition. The grain of the spruce is interesting and lends a nice texture to the mask, which has no finish on it. Since it weighs about 1 pound, it is easily hung on the wall (there's a small hole on the back for a nail or screw) and can also be propped on a shelf or stand. Different from painted or dark wood masks, it makes a nice contrast to them or can be hung alone for display. These masks are one of a kind and do not come up for sale very often.


PYH 5146