Artist's Proof Handmade Painted Paper Quilt Art

Item number: PYH 5082

Michigan born artist Susan Colindres (1956-2014) created her hand made paper art from banana leaf fiber, which gives the paper such an interesting texture. Inspired by quilt patterns, she stenciled the paper and then applied acrylic color with brushes and sponges. Her work caught the eye of buyers for Ethan Allen, the high-end furniture company, and she produced a line of her hand-made products for them.

This artwork by Susan is a special one, since it is an artist's proof, and not one of the ones she made for Ethan Allen. The quilt pattern is composed of blocks that form triangles, diamonds, squares and rectangles. The colors include gray, brown, black, pink, blue, and yellow with a center eight-point star of brown. The border of black triangles surrounds the central square on three sides. The inner border is pink, with three buttons across the top. All of this is hand painted on her handmade paper, raised and floating on a natural tan background.

The artwork is hand signed in black at the lower right. It reads: "AP" (artist's proof), "CAMP BLANKET" (Susan's name for the pattern) followed by her signature in script and the date '94. It's framed in wood, painted black, 3/4 inch wide and 1 1/4 inches deep, with a glass cover. It was framed by a gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina, a town near Duck, North Carolina, where Susan once lived and had her art studio/antiques shop.

This piece weighs 6 1/2 pounds; the framed measurements are 20 1/2 inches high by 19 3/4 inches wide. It's in excellent condition, with a sturdy hanging wire on the back and the black dust paper completely intact. A beautiful original artwork, it looks great hung in both country and modern interiors.

***Please note that the colors are just a bit deeper and more vivid in person since we were taking the photos through the glass.


PYH 5082