Florida Art Pottery Vase by Jim Rice

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This beautiful large vase with its "under the sea" glaze was made by Jim Rice, longtime potter and owner of The Clay Place, in its 44th year in Naples, Florida. Born in Kent, Ohio, Rice moved to Naples in 1973 and opened his first studio there. He created this cylinder vase out of thick red clay, his finger marks evident inside and out on the piece. The glaze, used on the outside only, is a mixture of shades of blue, gold and green, decorated with three navy blue bands with pale blue dots and whirlpools of the same colors. The rim of the 4 1/4 inch wide mouth has the same band running around it.

The vase is 12 inches tall and weighs 4 1/4 pounds. It's covered with a high gloss glaze that's finely crazed, including the inside and the bottom. It's signed on the base, hand lettered in black, "J. RICE Naples, FL 1990." There are no cracks, chips or other damage. Usable for fresh, dried or faux flowers, this pottery vase is an impressive display piece on its own.

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PYH 5223